Cinema Cinema was invented in 1895.

Nicquevert and L. Corre Congress ICEM (Sophia Antipolis. August 1996), in the political and social field. Involved in this project since its inception in 1989, Xavier and Liliane wished to testify, especially on the long period of gestation and the first term, they were actors actors. Authors: Liliane Corre and Xavier Nicquevert More
1 result Results Freedom of speech of a player and Friend: Life Technologies CEL For teachers review Movements> Freinet movement> publication (s) December 1959 Author: Marc Andre Bloch More
In: Inventions PEMF For students> Elementary Teachers To review Arts Arts> Visual Arts Teaching Techniques> technical arts creations December 1996 74 – published in November-December 1996 Roanne Schools Educating for Citizenship through plastic expression Week public school in Roanne in February 1995 was intended to show the secular dynamics. Interdisciplinary operations mobilizing large groups of children took various forms: various productions and exhibitions, minutes of instructional practices, opening the doors of schools, etc. And visual arts, in various forms, has been a dramatic way to address the theme “A Roanne, public school moves and lives. “Thus, the Berthelot kindergarten, children had the idea” to paint and decorate the school’s windows to better make it known. ” Characters who are sleeping, reading, that move: the smallest to largest, they accounted for the activities of their school. However, the most original achievement was one that consisted in “display” 600 schoolchildren of 14 panels 4 x 3 m of Giraudy display. Citizens, all different, unite with will together form the city. This is what we seem to say all these children. For they were able to recognize and tame their image, to appropriate it by disguising their own photography “identity. In the grimant sometimes to caricature, staging … Others have dared to “name”, as even thwart the idea that advertising is product case without “identity”, and that in any citizenship. Others are painted in contrasting colors, exacerbated feelings for, he seems even better show their ability to express diversity. In contrast, some classes wanted to promote the image of a solidarity group or disappearing behind the contour of cropped silhouettes and processed flat areas of color arbitrary or based among many outstretched hands that stand to “live and move “together. And this is the image of secularism affirm diversity, build unity. Summary Creations Painting 74 Author: Industry Arts & Creations Print
1 Result Results Printing at school No 31 – March 1930 In: The International Printing Publishing at the School of Printing in the School For Teachers Review Languages> Esperanto History Geo> Geography Arts > school organization Movies> architecture school teaching techniques> tools> teaching Techniques file> audiovisual equipment> radio Movements> Freinet movement> publication (s) teaching Techniques> printing March 1930 Authors: Alberthe Faure Caruel, Freinet, Devogel, H. Alziary Klas, Lavit, Perron, Plan, Raoul Faure Roger Gauthier and Rossat-Mignot more
For School The 4 Winds 13/04/12 – 10:08 p.m. In Creation, Expression Art> Cinema We made a small animated film Friday, April 13, 2012, Floriane, student in Master 2 animation in Ghent ( Belgium), came to help us with a little animation. Floriane showed us a film strip. Cinema Cinema was invented in 1895. For that cinema can be had to the art of photography; So the cinema began with a photography. There are 25 frames per second in the film reel. Our eye’s persistence of vision the eye retains a very short time the previous image in memory. Our eye or to fix it in a slow but when two separate picture it seems they are together. The cartoon There is a small book or there within images and each preceding image the designer has added something and gives the impression that it moves. This one is called the flip-book or flip book. Suzie Untitled from cm1-cm2 school 4 winds on Vimeo. cm1-cm2 class Suzie From 2011-2012 Aurine By Visitor, 14/04/12 – 10:32. That was great, was mistress made a film and also I liked it. From Aurine I too gets off the film by Visitor, 16/04/12 – 7:51 p.m.. I like the film too! Enormously cool! That was Super By Visitor, 17/04/12 – 15:30. It was Super Small animation By Visitor, 17/04/12 – 3:34 p.m.. This little animated film is very successful and it is too good when the princess told you I gets off. You should have put the name of all students. Loved By participating in this Visitor, 17/04/12 – 4:05 p.m.. Loved participated in this movie! It was too good film For Visitor, 17/04/12 – 17:15. It was too much Roger movie I loved the movie For Visitor, 17/04/12 – 5:19 p.m.. I loved the movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bravooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was by Visitor, 17/04/12 – 5:21 p.m.. It was ccccccccccccccccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllll aboooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn 25 imagesssssssssssss ppppppparrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ssssegonde ALBERT Loved participated in the film For Visitor, 17/04/12 – 5:43 p.m.. Loved participated in the film and I had a blast !!! Suzie I find it too By Visitor, 17/04/12 – 8:29 p.m.. I find it too well Jennyfer Too cool, Raoul! By Visitor, 20/04/12 – 6:14 p.m.. Cool Raoul! You know who that is, right, class, Cindy huh? My best friend (star) = (friendship) For the film Visitor, 25/04/12 – 2:32 p.m.. I like!!!
1 result Results First computational tests living in CM and FE In: The Educator CEL For teachers teaching Maths journal Techniques> calculation alive March 1957 Author: R. Bourdoucle More
1 result Results The Educator Proletarian 5 – year 1937-1938 In: The Proletarian Educator Publishing Printing at the School For Teachers review> Summary teaching techniques> tools> Teaching Techniques File> audiovisual techniques> Phonograph / disc Movements> educational movement in December 1937 Authors: A. Gobin, A. Pages, Freinet, Dunand, Elise Freinet, J. Gorce, Maurice Davau P. Vovelle, Roger Lallemand and Y. Watch more
1 result Results In OpenStreetMap: For students> College For Students> For high school teachers free license free web pages January 2017 OpenStreetMap is an online mapping services … free! Add a comment Read more
2 Results Firefox ESR In: For students> Elementary For students> College For Students> High School For software teachers to download free free license in February 2014 This is a version for associations and companies of the famous web browser Firefox, free and performance. The advantage with Firefox ESR is that applications that depend on the browser stay longer functional. ESR Add Comment Read more Kiwix In: For students> Elementary For students> College For Students> High School Software History-Geo Science and Techno Teaching Techniques> Research documentary free download free license in November 2014 No Internet in your class, so no Vikidia or Wikipedia? It would be too stupid! Fortunately, there Kiwix which allows you to view your favorite free offline encyclopedias … 1 comment Read more
3 Results In LibreOffice: For students> College For Students> For high school teachers to download free software free license in April 2013 Libre Office Open Office It is a free and full office suite (including word processing, spreadsheet software image processing …) after the OpenOffice project. 3 comments Read more in OpenOffice: For students> College For Students> For high school teachers to download free software free license in February 2013 Libre Office Open Office It is a free and full office suite (including word processing, spreadsheet, image processing software …). 3 comments Read more WinFF In: For students> Elementary For students> College For Students> High School For software teachers to download free free license in August 2013 WinFF is an audio converter / basic video: it converts sound or video from one format to
another. 1 comment Read more
7 Results In Test processor: For students> For high school teachers to download free software free license in September 2015 Test_processeur is a micro system utilities … 1 comment Read more LazPaint In: For students> Elementary For students> College for students> High school for the Arts teacher software> Arts download Free January 2015 picture picture drawing drawings painting photo pictures LazPaint treatment is simple and efficient image software for the creations and image retouching Add new comment more Geogebra in: for students> elementary for students> College for students> Math software school> geometry teaching techniques> class organization> workshop download free free license in July 2015 Geogebra is a very simple free software for dynamic geometry that is to say, ge ometrie computer.